Human trafficking a serious issue

Time to tackle it head on

The issue of human trafficking has been a bane on the side of development for a long time. But in the past decades the issue has escalated quite rapidly. For a long time, there were no real efforts to fight off trafficking of humans in the country. Moreover, citizens are being led astray by brokers and a racket of human trafficking syndicate. On another note, recent reports published in this daily explicate that the government is determined to put the hammer to the anvil in terms of human trafficking which is a very admirable initiative. 

The recent few months have seen a number of cases where Bangladeshi citizens have fallen victims to traps set by brokers of human trafficking rackets. The reports describing the drowning of 37 Bangladeshi citizens were very tragic. None the less, there have been more similar incidents when Bangladeshis have been caught while trying to get into European countries. The issue of human trafficking has so far been under the radar as to who or what organisation is doing all this. But recently it has come up that a syndicate who reaches spread all across Bangladesh tempt youngsters through giving them hopes of well paid jobs abroad and are misleading them.

There have been more similar 

incidents when Bangladeshis have

 been caught while trying to get 

into European countries

But, with the surfacing of this information the government is sure to find out the perpetrators who are conspiring against the sovereignty of the nation. In continuation to this the law enforcement agencies work to list out the known human traffickers across the country and initiate a crackdown on them will surely be fruitful in the terms that the human trafficking will once and for all be abolished. 

On another note, the PM’s talks with the Chinese government administrators also noted the issue of human trafficking. No doubt the rate of human trafficking has increased since the incursion of the Rohingyas into the country. But, this problem must be tackled hard and head on. The authorities concerned with this countrywide crackdown should consider rooting out this problem from the root, lest it should come back once again.