Human chain protest demanding bridge in Sarishabari

Published : 05 Dec 2022 08:20 PM

The bridge that collapsed due to a flood in Sarishabari of Jamalpur hasn't been rebuilt yet, even after two years. Millions of people in about 25 villages of the two Upazilas are in dire straits due to the current situation of the bridge. There is no alternative road for transportation, and as a result, the agricultural products produced by the farmers are not getting a fair price as they cannot reach the market. An hour-long human chain was held in the Shuakair Bhanga area of Kamrabad Union. 

Local farmers and residents, totalling a few thousand, have formed a human chain to demand the reconstruction of the bridge on Saturday afternoon.

It is known that in the financial year 2003-04, on the Jhenai River in the Shuakair area of Kamrabad Union of Upazila. The bridge was constructed with the funding of LGED at the cost of around two crore Tk. Construction was completed in 2006. 

After almost 14 years of construction, the flood water broke on July 22, 2020. About 60 meters of the middle part of the bridge, including four pillars and three spans, collapsed. Even after two years, the authorities have yet to take any initiative to repair the broken bridge. 

The bridge collapsed in flood. Speakers demanded reconstruction or renovation as soon as possible.

Kamrabad UP Chairman Abdus Salam, Upazila Jubo League President AKM Ashraful Islam, Sarishabari Press Club President Solaiman Hossain spoke at the human chain, including locals.

Yasin, a 3rd class student at Eureka School, said, "It is very difficult for me to move because of the broken bridge. Boats are needed to cross the river, and we often have to sit on the river banks to wait for boats. Sometimes we can't go to school on time, and sometimes, we have to cross the river to go to school."

Upazila LGED official Zahidul Islam said that necessary reports had been submitted for the renovation of the bridge with the officials from the LGED water development board. The bridge renovation is in process.