Human chain in CU to protest the destruction of forests

Chittagong University students protest against the destruction of forests. They also protested the cutting of trees on the campus of Chittagong University. The human chain was held in front of the university's Joy Bangla premises under the banner of 'poribeshbhikkhon' on Tuesday (September 3) at 12 noon.

Gaurachand Thakur Apu, a masters student in zoology, said in the Human Chain 'Soil, water and air are very essential components of human beings. But with the development and social evolution of civilization, we do not get soil and water free. In the near future we may have to buy wind if such deforestation activities continue.'He said, 'Amazon is a rain forest.

 If it were destroyed the world would be in danger. Again, the destruction of the Sundarbans is under the name of Rampal power plant. He warned of harsh agitation if the trees were destroyed.' Mahbuba Jahan Rumi, a Masters student in Public Administration Department, addressed the human chain. Speakers in human chain- U.K Ching Marma, Abir hasan Titas and Himu.