Human chain demands trial for murder of Shihab in Tangail

Published : 27 Jun 2022 09:00 PM

Class mates and students of various schools and colleges in the city have staged a protest and human chain demanding exemplary punishment for the killers of Shihab (10), a 5th class student of Srishti Academic School, a private educational institution at Tangail.

Students of Srishti School staged a human chain in front of Tangail Central Shaheed Minar on Monday afternoon with the initiative of several schools and colleges. After the protest following a demonstration   went around the city lead to the deputy commissioner's office for demand of the immediate arrest of the killers. They handed over a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner Ataul Gani.

It is mentioned that on last June 20 evening, Shihab (10) was strangled to death and the school authorities tried to address it as committed suicide. The next day (June 21), Shihab's body was autopsied at Tangail General Hospital. However, the authorities of Srishti Academic School have been claiming that it was suicide from the very beginning. Earlier, a medical board comprising 3 doctors including RMO of Tangail General Hospital was formed to conduct autopsy. The medical board of the three members completed the autopsy. The autopsy report released on Sunday, June 26, showed signs of strangulation and murder, according to the district civil surgeon's office. Shihab, son of Ilias Hossain, an expatriate from Berbari village of Sakhipur upazila. He was a 5th class student of Srishti Academic School.