Home for the homeless in two Bogura upazilas

Published : 20 Jul 2022 08:28 PM

Hundreds of people who have been living their lives without any shelter. The destitute people thanked the Prime Minister for gifting houses and land in Mujib Year.

72-year-old Abdul Jobbar got a house in Rajakpur village of Nungola Union of Bogra Sadar Upazila. The man who was a day laborer had nothing of his own. But this time he has a house, along with a land deed, which is his own. Abdul Jabbar is happy in his home with his wife for the first time in his life.

Shah Alam, a van driver of Nandigram, used to live in shelters provided by people. Now he has his own house, along with the land deed. Overjoyed Shah Alam is grateful to Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina buried her head and gave the land deed, which belongs only to Shah Alam's family. Landless and homeless Shah Alam today has something to call his own which is the gift of compassionate mother Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Many like Shah Alam have got houses today. Received along with the land deed. Md Piru Kha, Sanai player of Rajapur village of Bogra Sadar, said that his land was not deposited. By playing the sanai on various occasions, his family ran smoothly. He used to rent a small house with his family at Mofiz Pagla intersection in Bogra city. His rented house was also very fragile. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made a gift of a house for him. Piru Khan prayed for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, wishing good health and long life of Bangabandhu's daughter. A house built on 2 percent land in various upazilas including Sadar upazila has a balcony, a toilet, a kitchen and an open space in front in addition to two rooms. Apart from this, there is electricity in every house along with fresh water.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to declare two upazilas of Bogra as landless and homeless free today on July 21. The announcement will be made through video conference at 10 am. Bogra District Commissioner Md. Ziaul Haque confirmed the matter. On the occasion of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's birth centenary-Mujib year, the government is constructing houses for the landless and homeless under the shelter project. Under this, the initiative to build houses for 4 thousand 74 families in Bogra for the landless and homeless is taken. As a success of the initiative, in the first phase in January 2021, 1 thousand 452 families under 'A' list were constructed in the district. Then in the second phase, 857 single houses were distributed in June of the same year. In the third phase, 930 single houses were distributed on April 26 this year. After that, 354 houses will be distributed among the landless and homeless on 21 July. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate this distribution program. The remaining 481 houses will be constructed in the next phase. Besides, Nandigram and Dupchanchia upazilas of Bogra will be declared landless and homeless free. The landless and homeless families have now started their families by getting single houses with two rooms. Those who didn't have a headache, they have a headache. Those who did not have land now became land owners. The beneficiaries are now living happily with government paid houses. Constantly making a family. Not having to worry about home, now they collect their own food and pass the day easily.

Beneficiary Manoara Begum of Lahiripara of Bogra Sadar Upazila said that she had no land. Jhin used to work as a maid in other's house and lived in a rented house. Half of the monthly income was spent on house rent. Compassionate mother Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave me a house. I started a family with that.

Shah Alam, a van driver of Damgara area of Nandigram upazila of Bogra, said that even though he could manage his family by driving a van, he did not have any land. There was shelter in other people's houses. He is very happy now that he has a house of his own. His family flourished in the gift house given by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

According to Bogra district administration, the number of landless-homeless families listed as 'A' in Dupchanchia upazila was 329. Hon'ble Prime Minister will declare Dupchanchia upazila landless and homeless after 329 houses are handed over to 329 beneficiary families in Dupchanchia by handing over 10 houses on 21st July. Besides, the number of landless and homeless families listed as 'A' in Nandigram Upazila was 404. Hon'ble Prime Minister will declare Nandigram upazila landless-homeless after 404 houses are handed over to 404 beneficiary families in Nandigram on 21st July. So far 3 thousand 593 landless-homeless families in Bogra have been handed over a two-room single house with two acres of land. In this, 7 thousand 118 acres or 71.18 acres of Khas land in Bogra district has been freed from illegal occupation and handed over to landless and homeless families. District Commissioner of Bogra Md Ziaul Haque said that no one will be landless or homeless in the country, Bogra district administration is working to implement the promise of Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. According to the instructions of the Prime Minister, each beneficiary has been handed over the land along with the house, the land deed and the gift certificate of the Honorable Prime Minister.