Hilsha price on the rise in Chuadanga

Published : 02 Oct 2022 09:23 PM

Price of different sizes of Hilsa at kitchen markets in 4 upazilas of Chuadanga district is going beyond buying capacity of the common people especially low income groups due to inadequate supply from Barishal and Chattogram fish markets recently. 

The buyers are saying that they are going to fish markets to buy Hilsa fish but due to high prices of the fish, they cannot buy fish.  

Hafizur Rahman, a buyer of Cinemahallpara in the town he bought one kg of small Hilsha at Tk 360 on October 2.

Mokaddesh Hossain Mukto Joarder of Banani Para in the district town said, he bought one kg of Hilsa fish this season. 

As per the market scenario of Barishal Hilsa this correspondent found, price of small Hilsa at tk 400 per kg, 500 gram to 700 gram of hilsa at tk. 800, 800 gram to 900 gram of hilsa at tk. 950 per kg, 1kg 200 gram of hilsa at tk. 1050 to 1200 per kg, 1 kg 500 gram to 2 kg of hilsa at tk. 1550 to  1700 per kg.  

On the other hand price of Chattogram’s Hilsa is being sold at tk. 350 per kg, 500 gram to 700 gram of hilsa at tk. 560 per kg, 800 gram of hilsa at tk. 600 to 700 per kg, 1 kg 200 gram at tk. 850 per kg, 1 kg 500 gram to 2 kgs at tk. 950 to 1100 per kg. 

Fish traders said Hilsa does not come directly to them from Barishal and Chattogram to Chuadanga. Besides supply of Hilsa is inadequate. 

Siddiqur Rahman Siddique, a fish trader in Chuadanga town said, he bought different sizes of Hilsa from local wholesalers of Chuadanga that are being sold kitchen market daily according to ratio of purchasing. 

Parvej, a wholesaler of Chuadanga fish market in the town said, prices are to be fixed from fish traders of Barishal and Chattogram, so accordingly we sell fishes in Chuadanga.