Highlight government’s success

Be vocal against anti-state propaganda

Published : 01 Oct 2022 07:30 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the Bangladeshi expatriates to highlight the country’s current overall development scenario before the world community. She also called upon them to depict the misrule of the BNP government that included corruption, irregularities and atrocities against opponents. The premier came up with this call in a view exchange meeting with Bangladeshi expatriates in Washington DC, the USA.

Many foreign countries and international organisations are lauding Bangladesh government’s remarkable economic and development progress under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina. Over the past decade, Bangladesh has been among the top 10 fastest growing economies, says, World Bank. When many developed countries saw negative growth Bangladesh maintained a growth of over five percent.

The country is marching ahead towards prosperity. But the vested quarters especially BNP and anti-liberation forces do not appreciate the country’s ongoing development. It is very clear to all that it is not possible for BNP to accept any development and achievement of our country as it birth happened through the power of a military dictator and its beneficiaries of power. Therefore, the party is spending the money it siphoned off abroad against the progress of the country and its people. BNP leaders are using that illegal money to spread misinformation, rumours and confusion among people and carry out terrorist acts and anarchy in the country.

BNP which had ruined the country’s democracy 

and given an institutional shape to corruption is

now involved in creating confusions among people

 by spreading propaganda and rumours

Although country’s people and foreign countries do not to pay heed to the rumours but sometimes they become confused due to BNP’s frequent lying. So, the foreigners should know about the those who are now in the hot pursuit to carry out propaganda against the country abroad and what crimes they did in their country.

BNP which had ruined the country’s democracy and given an institutional shape to corruption is now involved in creating confusions among people at home and abroad by spreading propaganda and rumours. But the ruling Awami League is addressing the situation carefully with showing tolerable attitudes towards BNP in order to continue the democratic harmony. Therefore, Bangladeshi expatriates living in different foreign countries including USA and UK should uphold country’s overall development scenario and its image. Simultaneously, they have also the responsibility to tell the foreign countries about BNP’s activities as the party is the guarantor and patron of killing, coup, conspiracy, graft, criminalisation, terrorism and militancy in Bangladesh.