High school-cum-cyclone centre washed away in Chandpur

Rajrajeshwar Union is located on the other side of the Meghna River in the far west of Chandpur Sadar Upazila. 

Mostly this union is lost in the river Padma and Meghna. About 42,394 people live in the area. Most of the people in the union work in agriculture fields and maintain their livelihood by fishing in the river. The literacy rate is much lower than that of other unions. Omar Ali High School is the only secondary school for primary education. 

 Although the school building has been submerged in the river many times since its inception, a three-storied school cum cyclone center was constructed on the initiative of the present Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni, which was handed over to the authorities at the end of the construction two months ago. The building, built at a cost of Tk 2.29 crore, was eventually lost in the river before it could be used. The school building has been fighting for the last one week with the waves of the river. Although it did not disappear with the erosion of the river, it eventually sank into the river. It had been standing in the middle of the river for the past week.

 The only reason the river survived was because of the shallow depth of the river and the high in situ piling. But in the end he lost to the continuous waves and currents of the river.

 Omar Ali School was spreading the light of education among the people of Char in Rajrajeshwar area. According to sources close to the school and locals, this is the tenth time that the school is in a state of disrepair. Intense river erosion is still continuing in Rajarajeshwar due to the strong current of flood waters coming down from the north.

The locals demanded to set up a floating school-cum-community clinic in this isolated village of Chandpur, which has been repeatedly demolished. This is because every year when the flood waters of the northern region flow into the Bay of Bengal, the banks of the Padma and Meghna rivers in Chandpur cause erosion. 

The city of Chandpur is also under threat as flood waters from the north are currently flowing into the sea through the Padma-Meghna River. It is time to build Char Bhairavi bank protection dam cum river drive from Shatnal on emergency basis.