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Health safety ignored in most tourist spots

Published : 03 Nov 2020 09:37 PM | Updated : 04 Nov 2020 12:53 AM

Amid the serious risks of widespread transmission of coronavirus in its 2nd wave there is hardly any enforcement of health safety guidelines, mostly in public places.

Many concerned citizens said that physical distancing and wearing proper mask is largely ignored at most tourist spots and entertainment places like the zoos, safari parks and other places where crowds are seen, like shopping malls, grocery shops and even on public transports.

However, according to the special instructions, the authorities have made all preparations to ensure a smooth and beautiful environment for the visitors keeping in view the hygiene rules. Tourist places and recreation centers have been opened to reduce the discomfort and stress of the people in the corona situation.

According to sources from Sundarbans, concerned authorities have been preparing for ensuring health safety rules for the last few days. All boats entering the Sundarbans are washed and cleaned. Due to the increase in corona infection, the Forest Department has announced a halt to tourist and boat traffic in the Sundarbans from March 19. The tour operators conduct travel activities in the Sundarbans from October to April.

Meanwhile, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Gazipur has also opened. Surrounded by forests of about four and a half thousand animals, including more than two hundred mammals of 22 species, the park is ready to receive visitors who are advised to follow hygiene rules.

Restrictions on limited visits in the tourist spots have been lifted due to pressure of visitors. At the same time, duration of visit in the tourist spots has been extended. Authorities said they would strictly enforce wearing of masks by every visitor entering the tourist spots.

However, a visit to Mirpur Zoo did not seem to be revealing the efforts of the authority there. Many of the visitors inside the zoo were found not wearing mask and social distancing was also questionable as there were clusters of crowds standing close to one another. 

Rasmiyah Akther from Lalbagh in old Dhaka was walking with her family without a mask. When asked, she told Bangladesh Post, “After a long period of self-confinement at home we are breathing fresh air in this open place and enjoying ourselves. Why should I still wear a mask in this wide open space?”

Abdul Latif, curator of the Bangladesh National Zoo told Bangladesh Post that they do not allow anyone to enter without a mask. Their campaign continued. It is also being announced on loud speakers. Even then, many people do not follow the rules of hygiene after entering the zoo.”

"It is a matter of visitors’ consciousness. Visitors need to cooperate with us,” he said adding, "We have discouraged them to ignore rules. But some very enthusiastic visitors simply ignores the directives. We are trying to figure out how to prevent it."

Meanwhile, to tackle the second wave of Covid-19, the government has been trying to implement the use of masks to minimize infections.

In the wake of Covid-19 re-emergence in many European and American countries, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on October 19 urged all to follow health guidelines and use face-masks in public places and gatherings, aiming to prevent the possible second wave of the pandemic in Bangladesh.