Hardware, software export booming

High time to expand export

The country’s drive towards digitisation and becoming technologically enveloped in every sphere of life is noticeable all around. Various IT initiatives have been taken across the country, including the construction of a number of hi-tech parks. There is something new on the horizon that will be beneficial for the country in the long run. 

A report published in this daily says that experts believe there is a vast potential in expanding exports of computer hardware and software from the country. According to an estimate of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), the country earned around $1-$1.5 billion (Tk 9,000-Tk 13,000 crore) by exporting computer hardware and software last two years.

This bodes well since this is a sector that has advanced furthest in the shortest amount of time in the country. Exporting on a large scale to foreign lands will facilitate earning of more foreign currency and thus inevitably help in uplifting the country’s economy. 

Export of IT products and services on a large scale 

will facilitate earning of more foreign currency 

and thus inevitably help uplift the economy 

The report also lays emphasis on the government’s plan to earn US$ 5 billion from export of IT products and services by 2021. With almost 50 percent of the local market being occupied by local software developers, there is massive potential to grasp foreign software and hardware market for earning foreign currency. 

With the RMG sector already providing a huge chunk of foreign exchange through exports, this sector, once expanded to a suitable size, will be able to bolster the amount of foreign exchange earned in the country. Bangladesh has already emerged as a mobile and laptops exporting country. Technologists who work with information technology have become optimistic about the future of this sector. 

This confirms the plausible scope of expanding export of hardware and software to bolster the economy. Authorities concerned must take initiatives as soon as possible to expand the export of IT products.