Govt vehicles worth crores of taka spoil for lack of maintenance

Published : 24 Sep 2021 08:57 PM | Updated : 21 Oct 2021 04:21 PM

Two road rollers and a truck of Ajmiriganj Municipality of Habiganj have been left neglected for a long time. Some parts have also been stolen from those vehicles. Even then no steps were taken to save these vehicles.

Local people are criticizing the waste of government property worth crores of taka caused by leaving the vehicles idle. However, the municipal authorities said that they could not be maintained properly as they did not have a storing place. 

Visiting on spot, it was seen that a roller and truck in front of Ajmeriganj municipal building and another roller in front of Shibpasha Union Parishad building were left in an unprotected condition. Local children were playing around these. 

For remaining left like this for a long time, many equipments of those vehicles have broken down due to this. Some equipment has also been stolen. 

It is learned that the Ministry of Local Government allotted a road roller in 2007, a truck in 2012 and a second roller in 2018 to Ajmeriganj Municipality. They cost about one crore taka. Although the government is supposed to use them for development work, it is not happening.

In 2012, a roller was used for development work on Ajmeriganj-Baniachang road. At that time the roller got damaged in an accident. It has been lying in front of Shibpasha UP building since then. The remaining road roller and a truck were similarly damaged and were not repaired. Some people took away the basket of the truck as well. 

According to local people, these three vehicles worth crores of taka of the municipality have been damaged since they were abandoned. These resources of the government are going to waste only due to lack of maintenance. These need to be repaired quickly and made usable.

In this regard, Ajmeriganj Municipality Engineer Hedayetul Islam said, the roller lying at Shibpasha has become useless. It is in the process of being sold at auction. 

The other roller and trucks have been kept out as the municipality has no place of its own.

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