Govt to keep commodity prices stable

Take stern actions against the unscrupulous traders

Published : 07 Mar 2021 08:35 PM

We hailed the measures and coordinated efforts taken by the government to keep the prices of essential commodities stable ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.

These measures can only bring down the skyrocketing price hike of essentials.

It is very unfortunate to all of us that the prices of various commodities like chicken varieties, beef and mutton, fish, brinjal, garlic, onion and zinger increase without any obvious reason at the beginning of Ramadan. Besides, prices of most of the important items consumed during Ramadan, such as green chilli, cucumber, edible oil, eggs, fish, potatoes, lentils, chickpea and vegetables also rise sharply.

An organised syndicate comprising unscrupulous traders and hoarders has already raised commodity prices violating the government’s directives to keep commodity prices stable. 

It has also been noticed that a blame game between the wholesalers and retailers surfaces at the start of the holy Ramadan every year.

We hope that these dishonest traders engaged in storing  essential 

commodities with a view to making huge 

profits and thus contribute to price hike will 

be punished  this time

Taking all into consideration, the government should keep a vigilant eye to prevent profiteering by the dishonest traders and take immediate action against those who will be violating the norms. We believe this time government measures might  be visible. 

In this regard, mobile courts can be run by judicial or metropolitan magistrates across the country everyday in order to foil any plot to increase the prices of  essentials.

Apart from these, the government will also have to ensure adequate supply of essentials so that the dishonest businessmen would not have any scope to crank up prices of Ramadan items. Also, the authorities concerned must prevent those who take advantage of the situation and ensure free flow of transports supplying essential commodities during the holy month.

As the market syndicate is responsible for such unethical and immoral activities, their identification should be disclosed and bring them to the book.

We hope that these dishonest traders engaged in storing essential commodities with a view to making huge profits and thus contribute to price hike will be punished this time.