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‘Govt takes steps to formulate policies of OTT platforms’

Published : 14 Mar 2022 09:26 PM | Updated : 15 Mar 2022 03:38 PM

Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud said the government has taken steps to formulate policies of OTT platforms to protect the country's culture.

He made the remarks while exchanging views with stakeholders of the OTT platform at the meeting room of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at the Secretariat on Monday afternoon. Stakeholders in their speeches also applauded the initiative of the government. The Minister of Information and Broadcasting said, "The main purpose of this policy is to ensure that anything that conflicts with our culture, heritage, culture and values does not go to the OTT platform and does not upload anything that could mislead our society and the new generation. Another objective is to protect the country's platforms from the aggression of foreign OTT platforms. At the same time, our government wants this platform and through it our entertainment and creativity to be further developed.”

OTT platform is not a political issue. Hassan said, ‘Why do some people drag it into politics! Surprisingly, Mirza Fakhrul has confused the OTT platform with social media and mass media. I am ashamed to see that the secretary general of such a big party who has also served as a minister has confused them. I think his mentors should have given the right advice and he also needed to speak knowingly. But he has tried to make it a political issue. It is never appropriate to bring politics into everything. '

Addressing the stakeholders of the OTT platform, the Minister said, "Thank you for your support to our initiative. This policy is for you. We've seen in the past some of the things that OTT has done to our masses and the younger generation, that hurt our values, and have been close to a lot of pornography, which has been widely criticized in the press. Then there was the demand for a policy. Already a few OTT platforms have started operations in the country and are slowly getting better. This is a big platform, it is not possible to censor every piece of content. That is why we are making a policy in consultation with the stakeholders, the draft has been given on the website, and more opinions are being taken. Then it will be final.'

SM Harun Aur Rashid, president of the Natyakar Sangha, said, "What I am writing is my art-culture, my history. Policies are needed to strengthen the place of historical heritage, sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility. 'Saladin Lavlu, President of the Directors Guild, said: That is why there is a need for a national policy. "

At the end of the discussion, ‘Politics of Bangladesh and Bangabandhu family’ written by politician M Nazrul Islam and published in gold and lawyer Dr Jhumjhumi Prakashan edited by Bashir Ahmed unveiled the wrappers of the two books 'Joy Bangla National Slogan - Supreme Court Judgment and Background' and congratulated the authors and publishers. Additional Secretary of the Ministry Khadija Begum, Head of Subarna Publications Shahreen Haque, Deputy Attorney General Advocate Gias Uddin and ASM Nazmul Haque, Writer Mostafa Kamal Pasha were present on the occasion.