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Govt prepared to ensure hassle-free Eid: Rezaul

Published : 23 Jun 2022 09:27 PM

Fisheries and Livestock Minister SM Rezaul Karim said the government is fully prepared for the Eid-Ul-Azha celebration.

The minister made the remarks at an inter-ministerial meeting on assessing demand, supply and ensuring free transportation of sacrificial animals on the occasion of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha in the conference room of the Livestock Department at Farmgate in the capital on Thursday.

At the same time, he said, like other years, the demand for sacrificial animals has been determined. There are more animals ready than the demand for sacrifice. This time the number of sacrificial animals is 1 crore 21 lakh 24 thousand 369. As a result, there is no doubt, crisis or reason for sacrifice. Hygiene rules will be followed at the cattle market. Sick animals will not be allowed to be sold at the market. Buyers and sellers will not be harassed or harmed. Adequate members will be appointed to maintain law and order. We want to celebrate the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha beautifully.

The Minister further said that Eid-ul-Azha is a very important chapter for the Muslim community. The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock and other government departments are working to ensure that it is celebrated with ease and full preparation. The sacrificial animal had to be dependent on the past. Under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, our livestock department officials, farmers and entrepreneurs have worked together to bring about a revolutionary change in the livestock sector. Our production has increased in this sector. Now our self-sufficiency has come in meat.

The minister further said that in the continuity of last year, if any farmer sells animals from his own house, he will not have to pay any profit. If a farmer wants to take his animal to a distant market, he cannot be forced to land on the road. In this case, the law enforcement authorities, local government units such as municipalities, Upazilas or Union Parishads, city corporations will ensure this. If someone sells animals on the way to the market, the lease customer will not be able to collect extortion or profit from him. This is what we want to ensure. Measures will be taken in coordination with Bangladesh Bank so that farmers can make financial transactions in a smart way in an alternative way without carrying cash.

The minister said a lot of cattle were sold on the online platform last year. This method will continue this year as well, which will create a happy situation for both buyers and sellers. If you do not like the cows purchased online, the system of refunding money is also being added this year. So that buyers are not deceived in any way.

He further added that in order to make a profit, animals should not be sacrificed or diseased animals should not be sold. This issue should be urged by all. There will be a veterinary surgeon at each designated sacrificial animal market. They will test whether the animal is suitable for sacrifice or if contaminants have been injected into their body.

The Minister further added that the concerned authorities would be requested to ensure that the traffic on the highway or where the cattle market is set up does not cause any damage to the traffic. Preference will be given to vehicles carrying sacrificial animals on roads or bridges, so that animals do not get stuck on the road and create artificial crisis. In this case a control room will be set up in the Livestock Department. The hotline 18358 of the department will remain open. The control room will work to solve the problems of farmers in animal transport. In order to avoid any problem in animal sacrifice, all measures will be taken.

He added that the recent floods and tidal surges in the Sylhet-Sunamganj region have caused some damage to cattle. Cattle feed is being provided from the Livestock Department and medical services are being provided there. The issue of helping the victims is also being considered. Arrangements will be made to allow animals from other parts of the country to enter the area at the time of sacrifice. Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. Muhammad Yamin Chowdhury, Additional Secretary Shyamal Chandra Karmakar, Md. Taufiqul Arif and SM Ferdous Alam, Divisional Commissioners, Deputy Director of Fisheries and Livestock Information. Shefaul Karim, Director General of the Department of Livestock. Manzoor Mohammad Shahzada, senior officials of Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock and Department of Livestock, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Railways, Department of Road Transport and Highways, Department of Information and Communication Technology, Dhaka North and South City Corporation, Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association Does.