Govt firm on restoring lost glory of jute

PPP can contribute greatly to the development of the sector

Jute being the golden fiber that has a high demand all across the world, it is a sector that Bangladesh must flourish in once again. 

But, a predicament has arose in the country with the closure of 22 government-owned jute mills and resulting in 25 thousand workers losing their job. However, where one door closes, another opens. 

And it is also the opening of another door that has to be made a reality that will be able to restore the former glory of jute.

In this process it is highly appreciable that the government is trying to encourage privatised ventures in the sector to bring in additional investment and develop the sector in the near future.

A report published in this daily projected that government is committed to bringing the golden days of jute back by modernizing state-owned mills and equipping those with modern amenities in accordance with the growing global demand of jute products.

It is highly appreciable that the government is trying to 

encourage privatised ventures in the sector to bring 

in additional investment and develop the sector

In that continuation it is encouraging to know that already committees have been formed to expedite the rejuvenation of jute sector through modernization and reequip the state-owned mills to make productivity more efficient. 

However, if the previous problems that have brought the downfall of the sector in the first place are not solved, then growth cannot be expected. Moreover, it is also important that able and well trained personnel are created in the sector to better enhance production. 

On the other hand, the private ownership has to be enhanced and more investment opportunities must be created. It is hopeful for us to hear that the Additional Secretary of Textiles and Jute Ministry has shared that after renovation, the country’s jute mills will be brought back to production as early as possible under the government-controlled public-private partnership (PPP) or by other means.

Above all, it is diligence and efficiency of workers and proper management of production facilities that can create a better future for the golden fiber. It is the right time to put efforts to that end with a view to reviving the lost glory of jute industry.