Government will not allow chaos, says Hasan

Published : 06 Dec 2022 08:25 PM

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said, 'Our government will not allow anyone to create chaos in the country. Our leaders and workers also have duties. If anyone tries to create chaos on December 10, our leaders and activists will take the people of the country and resist them. The government has provided security for their rallies across the country, and will also provide security at Suhrawardy Udyan.

He said all this in response to reporters' questions about BNP's Dhaka rally at the secretariat on Tuesday afternoon. The minister said, "During the discussion with the police, BNP asked for Suhrawardy Udyan and it has been allotted." But now they are looking for a way. The ground from which Father of the Nation Bangabandhu called for independence, the ground where Pakistanis surrendered, where they have held many public meetings in the past, we do so regularly, why is there so much refusal and reluctance for them to go there? They just want to hold public meetings on the streets, vandalize cars and public transports, want to cause problems in public life.

Dr Hasan said, "Journalists and ordinary citizens of the city are against public meetings on the streets. Because it hurts people. BNP may talk about another ground as an alternative ground for the rally. If they do not want to go to Suhrawardy Udyan, they can go to the trade fair ground or the bigger World Ijtema ground which holds 2 million people, or else they can go to the Char field in Kamrangi. They don't say that, say this road or that road. Motijheel road is where there are many banks, insurance, business institutions, why they like it so much? There is a deep conspiracy behind it. In fact they don't want to hold any public meeting, they want to make it an issue and they are trying to create a chaotic situation in the country.'

In response to a question about the arrest warrant issued for BNP leaders Ishrak and Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, the Broadcasting Minister said, "Fire terrorists are the leaders and workers of BNP." It was the BNP leaders who gave instructions and money for the arson attacks. We also have audio records of them. BNP leaders have fire and human blood on their hands. The court has issued an arrest warrant against them, now the police will take action.

Miister Dr Hasan said, "People's blood and fire are on the hands of those who are talking loudly on television." Police will take action against those who have cases against them and whose bail has been canceled by the court. The government has no hand there. However, people feel that not only the arsonists, but the masterminds of arson i.e. those who ordered, directed and financed them, should be arrested and action should be taken against them.''

Regarding BNP leaders meeting with diplomats frequently, Minister Hasan said, "People own this country. People will decide who will be in power in this country and who will not be. Diplomats are not allowed to talk much here. But sadly the true BNP runs to diplomats every now and then. No one will put them in power. Diplomats in this country do not have the power to put anyone in power. So by running back to diplomats again and again they are proving their bankruptcy. When foreign diplomats talk about our internal affairs, I think it often becomes an interference in our freedom and sovereignty which is not appropriate. That is why no politician or diplomat of any political party should be provoked.

Earlier, Minister Hasan Mahmud exchanged views on the expectations and achievements of Bangladesh in the COP-27 conference with Bangladesh Climate Change Journalists Forum in the meeting room of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Forum President Kawsar Rahman, General Secretary Motahar Hossain, Joint Secretary Masud Ul Haque, Members Saju Rahman, Habib Rahman and others participated in the meeting. Mirza Shaukat Ali, director of the Department of Environment, presented the keynote address.

  Dr Hasan said at this time, COP conferences are held with the aim of reviewing progress in implementing the global agreement we have reached to deal with climate change, creating future action plans and creating a global consensus on related issues. We have long demanded the creation of a special fund for 'loss and damage' due to environmental change. It was eventually recognized in Article 8 of the Paris Agreement, but no progress was made.

The COP-27 conference in Egypt was attended by about a hundred heads of state and government, including the US president and the British prime minister, and one of the developments this time is that the world community has given importance to the issue of 'loss and damage'.

The minister said that at the COP-27 conference, many have made more commitments than before to reduce carbon emissions. Our government has also set a target of using 40% renewable energy i.e. solar, green power, hydro power by 2041. A competition has been created for these. This is a very good point. Food for thought Despite all this, global temperatures are expected to rise 3.3 degrees Celsius from the 1880 base temperature, now 1.1 degrees. And that's Serbia, Australia, fires in Africa, floods in Pakistan who are not very familiar with water.