Good news for stranded Saudi returnees

Provide best facilities to return expat workers to KSA

There is a job crisis in the whole country and it has become more severe amid the coronavirus pandemic. But to alleviate this crisis, good news has been shared with the countrymen by the foreign minister. It is reported in this daily that all expats will be able to join their works and that path has been smoothened. 

This requires commendation as it had been a headache for a long time for the numerous expatriate workers who could not travel back to their jobs. But it is quite disconcerting that this was achieved only after massive protests occurred in the capital regarding this issue. 

Some might give credit to the protesters and say that any result comes only after protests, but this swift result has been achieved through the diligence and activeness of various officials, especially those at the foreign ministry and Civil Aviation Authority, who worked to quickly resolve the situation.

The swift result has been achieved through the diligence 

and activeness of  various officials, especially those at the 

foreign ministry and Civil Aviation Authority, who worked 

to quickly resolve the  situation

On the other hand, a message has also arrived from the Bangladeshi ambassador to KSA who has confirmed that Biman Bangladesh Airlines will also get the landing permission in Saudi Arabia. This essentially marks the end of the problem. 

On another note, we welcome the announcement that the operation of Saudi-bound flights will resume from October 1. This will work in alleviating some of the mental pressures that the expats stranded in the country have had. 

Other than that, there is also the issue of a large amount of foreign remittance coming to the country through these expat workers. So, it can be said that it was in the interest of the government to create the scope to return these expat workers to their job places. This will in turn work to motivate these workers to have faith in the government and administration. 

Finally, it can be said that returning to their old workplaces after so long must be a joyous moment for the Bangladeshis awaiting return. Every facility must be provided by the government to create the best possible way for these people to return to Saudi Arabia to resume their work there.