‘Give back property, or else we’ll commit suicide’

A victim family arranged a press conference to get back the ancestral property worth around Tk 14 crore which was evicted from an influential businessman in Natore.

Hajera Begum, the daughter of the late Hazrat Ali, who claimed to be the real owner of the land, read out a written statement at a press conference in Natore on Friday. She claimed that in 1958, the late Hazrat Ali came from Narsingdi in Dhaka to Baraharishpur area of Natore to earn a living. 

He then bought 1 acre 46 per cent land in various places from the local Ajit Nath Chakraborty and built a house. But it took local influential landlord Rahman PK and his brother  Rahmat PK to seize the property. It was further claimed at the press conference that the land grabbers forcibly took possession of the entire property purchased by the late Hazrat Ali as they did not agree with the words of the land grabbers and hit Hazrat Ali in the neck with a sharp weapon with the intention of killing him in December 1976.

A case was filed against 7-8 people in the Natore sub-divisional administrator's office. Besides, despite the verdict in favor of Hazrat Ali in the case pending in the lower court and high court, the land grabbers Rahman PK and Rahmat PK occupied the land by exerting power and influence. Later, in a fit of rage, Hazrat Ali started living with his family in the nearby Ramaigachhi cluster village.

It was further alleged at the press conference that there were three documents of the land purchased by Hazrat Ali. But why Rahman and Rahmat gang have 13 documents of the same land? Besides, if the land belongs to the land grabbers, why haven't they built any infrastructure there for so many years? They have been living an inhuman life for a long time due to the oppression of these land grabbers. In this situation, the victim’s family have sought intervention and cooperation to get their ancestral property back. Otherwise, the victim's family members warned that they would choose the path of suicide.