Get a job in police at Tk 150 fees!

Published : 10 Nov 2021 09:33 PM | Updated : 11 Nov 2021 05:32 PM

It is not a fairy tale but reality. 54 constables of police have been recruited in Rajshahi just after spending Tk 150 each. There is no kickback, no nepotism and no political influence all the appointments were made by following the strict recruitment rules. After the end of viva-voce, these 54 police constables have been selected preliminary and after the end of the medical tests, they will be sent for the training. 

Police officials in Rajshahi informed, there is an idea among common people that no government job is available without paying any kickback or persuasion and specially for the job of police there is a rooted-idea that no job of police is possible without any kickback or nepotism but the recruitment in Rajshahi police has proved those ideas completely concocted and false. 

Those who have been appointed for the posts have also informed that the process of appointment was completely impartial, fair and they received the job according to their merit. Each of them has spent just Tk 100 to 150 for the postal order/bank draft and for other related costs.

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It is learnt, the Appointment Notice for recruitment of some 3,000 police constables throughout the country was published in various newspapers in September. Of those posts, 46 males and 8 females totaling 54 were supposed to be appointed in Rajshahi. 

A total of 9,656 candidates applied online for the posts in Rajshahi but after sorting, applications of 7, 496 were rejected and 2,160 were selected for appearing the physical tests and 622 succeeded in the physical tests. 

They also appeared in the written tests and 152 were qualified. The viva-voce tests for the qualified candidates were held on Monday and the result of the preliminary selected candidates were announced around 12-00 am in presence of all candidates.

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