Gen V poses major problem for The Boys franchise

Published : 27 Nov 2022 07:59 PM


The Boys has always poked fun at branding, franchises, sequels, and spinoffs in superhero movies. Will its upcoming spinoff, Gen V, face backlash?

The Boys’ upcoming spinoff, Gen V, creates a problem for the integrity of the original show. The Boys parodies other superhero movies while giving a grim look into the lives of super-powered individuals who abuse their power and the eponymous vigilantes who try to stop them. The upcoming sequel, Gen V will focus on the underground experiments of the superhero management company, Vought International, at a college campus. The series will run concurrently with the events of season 3, with no expected crossover.

The Boys is known for always poking fun at branding, franchises, sequels, and spinoffs, making their upcoming spinoff seem slightly insincere. Spinoffs are always a risk, but for a show that is known for making fun of other franchises’ money grabs, the challenge increases significantly. For example, in season 3, The Boys teases a “Bourke Cut” of an in-universe movie, The Dawn of the Seven, clearly making reference to the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Additionally, throughout the show, the heroes take jobs just to make more money not to help people, such as hosting game shows, becoming pop stars, and starring in movies. By indulging in exactly the same spin-off practices that it has been so eager to mock, The Boys franchise risks losing its sharp satirical edge. Essentially, the show could inadvertently become the very thing it rails against.

Clearly, Gen V needs to be done the right way, or it will be a disservice to the intricate satire put in place by its predecessor, The Boys. The grim, but hilarious show, before the release of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, was far and away Amazon Prime Video’s most successful series. So, if Gen V is not careful, the spinoff could besmirch the legacy of the successful show. However, while Gen V is in a difficult position, it is possible for the show to overcome the stereotype of a bad spinoff.

First and foremost, the Gen V story is derived from the same source material that inspired The Boys. Though The Boys can differ from the comics, the premise and tone remain the same. Gen V will be loosely based on "We Gotta Go Now," the fourth volume in The Boys comics. Hopefully, Gen V will use the story in the already successful comics to ensure the show has the appropriate tone and message. Additionally, Gen V may do well, because it will expand on some unclear concepts in The Boys encouraging fans to watch. For example, The spinoff is rumored to expand upon how Vought uses Compound V to create superheroes, a question that many viewers still want an answer to.