Gazipur filling stations fined Tk 1.75 lakh

Published : 12 Nov 2020 09:00 PM

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) and Gazipur District Administration have fined five petrol pumps Tk 1.75 lakh for tampering with various filling stations in the capital and Gazipur metropolitan.

The fine was imposed by a mobile court in Dhaka's Mirpur, Gabtali and in Gazipur district town on Wednes­day. 

According to a BSTI statement, the operation at Messrs. Noor Diesel Pump in Kotbari area of Dhaka's Mirpur caught 590 ml less per 10 litters of oil, per diesel dispensing unit. BSTI fined the company Tk 50,000. 

A fine of Tk 50,000 was imposed for not having an updated calibration chart of the four stocks of Messrs. Denso filling station in the same area.

A mobile court was set up in Gazipur Sadar area at the joint initiative of Gazipur Deputy Commi­ssioner's Office and BSTI. At the Messrs. Riyadh & Co.  CNG filling station, an octane and two diesel dispensing units  were giving 340, 300 and 290 ml less oil per five litters, respec tively. The company was fined Tk 60,000.

Besides, a fine of Tk 10,000 was imposed on Messrs. Union Trading Corporation and Messrs. Mukul Filling Station for not having updated calibration chart.  In the same operation, a mobile court fined Messrs.  BS Traders (Rod shop) in the wireless area of Gazipur Tk 5,000 for not having a 500 kg digital scale verification certificate.