Gateways to port city blocked to prevent coronavirus

CMP gave order to block five entrance points of Chattogram city to deal with corona virus spread in the port city on Monday afternoon. Five security posts have also been set up at these entrance points.

CMP Commissioner Md. Mahbubur Rahman issued the order through a press release. These five blocked entrances are - Shah Amanat Bridge, Kalurghat Bridge, Kaptai Road Head, Oxygen Turn road and City Gate.

CMP Commissioner said, “Every day, people are entering the city from the neighbouring upazilas.  It seems very risky for the prevention of corona virus infection.  That is why we have decided to close the five entrance points at present.  Check posts have also been set up there”. The Commissioner also said no vehicles except ambulances carrying patients,  medicine and food transport and emergency export import cargo transport are allowed to cross these check posts. 

The movement of people through these gates will also be limited.  When entering the city, people have to face the police at security checkpoints.  Entrance will be allowed only if a satisfactory reply is received. Earlier, the CMP commissioner ordered to close all shops except drugstores in the city from 7pm to 6am every day from Monday.