Future of OTT platforms bright: Apurba

Ziaul Faruq Apurbais one of the busiest actors of Bangladesh has recently starred in web film ‘Jodi Kintu Tobuo.’ Earlier, he starred in movies but there was a break of around six years. And now, he resumed the journey through the web film under the banner of ZEE5. 

Performing in a web film was an interesting experience for this artiste. In a conversation with Bangladesh Post he shared few interesting facts: 

Question: You have starred in a web film. What do think about the future of OTT platforms?

Apurba: We need to adapt with the changes of time. OTT platform is one of those changes. Earlier, we had radio, television and now we have OTT platforms. It appears the future of OTT platforms is bright and such platforms have made a tremendous success. 

Question: What is your idea about enjoying movies in cinema halls?

Apurba: Enjoying movies in cinema halls is really special.  

Question: Why did you take a long break from cinema? 

Apurba: I took a break for around six years because there was no match between my expectation and the reality. I didn’t get any suitable plot for me. The screenplays I received were not of top-quality. So, I took the break. And this movie by Shihab Shahin inspired me to come back again. It’s the key reason for the break. 

Question: Often a single artist appears on various projects. You have also appeared on several projects at a time. Even, right after opening television set, you are seen performing there. Do you think it has negative impacts?

Apurba: This web film will cast a positive impression on the audience. Yes, I may be seen on different projects and earlier, artists did not appear on screen frequently. But in recent times, the contents are stronger. So, I think the trend of disappearing of an artist after starring a movie has changed. 

Question: What is your opinion about the number of views for drama and other contents?

Apurba: View is the combination of class and mass. Each of the artistes wants to reach the mass people. I will feel better when I will see that people are watching my performance. Everyone wants acknowledgement. You will also want recognition from your readers. As my audiences are enjoying my performance, definitely that is a priority to me. 

Question: Tell us something about your character in ‘Jodi Kintu Tobuo’.

Apurba: This character I played in this web film feels confusion. A young man gets confused to take responsibilities. He is afraid to get married fearing to bear the responsibilities. Let the audience enjoy the rest after watching Jodi Kintu Tobuo on the screen. 

Question: You contracted Covid-19 last year. Was that a challenge to hold the look for shooting this web film? 

Apurba: The filming of the web film was hampered several times for the outbreak of Covid-19. Even I also contracted the virus. However, it was not a big challenge for me to maintain the overall look of the character