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Dengue outbreak being controlled

Published : 04 Aug 2019 09:31 PM | Updated : 03 Sep 2020 07:40 PM

The dengue outbreak in Bangladesh has caused over 19 thousand people to get hospitalised. As the numbers of dengue affected people increased so have the efforts to counter the menace being caused by Aedes mosquitoes. All over the capital different anti-mosquito campaigns are being taken to root out the cause of dengue. Recent reports published in this daily say that just as the government is taking measures to fight the mosquitoes, it is also taking measures to provide free of cost medical care and treatment for dengue affected people.

The PM herself is overseeing the latest Dengue situation round the clock and has asked to ensure that the dengue affected people get treatment free of cost. On another note, the LGRD ministry has also cancelled holidays of government officials and workers of the two city corporations in Dhaka to ensure that the fight against mosquito menace is carried out with vigour.

The government is taking measures to fight 

the mosquitoes,it is also taking measures to

provide free of cost medical care and treatment

According to the Health Emergency Operations Center DGHS control room, dengue affected patients are now in all the 64 districts across the country. Moreover, the new variant of type-3 dengue is for the first time occurring in Bangladesh. And the law enforcement organisations too have undertaken measures against the dengue and also have launched awareness programmes about Dengue and Aedes as well as cleaning programme inside the cantonments.

On another note, The Awami League-led 14-party alliance made an announcement to destroy the breeding sources of Dengue mosquitoes. Under the directives from PM, top leaders of the alliance as well as all the leaders and activists will take part in anti-mosquito drives which are laudable initiatives on the part of the ruling party. On the household level the government urges people to keep their homes and surroundings clean to curb the spread of disease. Any stagnant water near the home should be swept away so that mosquitoes cannot breed there. Stagnant water is the basic breeding area of Aedes mosquitoes.