Former Minister Ramesh Chandra infected with coronavirus

Former Water Resources Minister and MP of Thakurgaon-1 constituencyRamesh Chandra Sen tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday. 

District Civil SurgeonMahfuzar Rahman Sarkar said that eight more people were infected with Covid-19 on the same day. The number of victims in the district stood at 437 and the total number of deaths was eight.

Mahfuzar Rahman Sarkar said that samples of MP Ramesh Chandra Sen were collected on August 3 when symptoms of coronavirus appeared. A medical team of Dinajpur M Abdur Rahim Medical College collected samples of Ramesh Chnadra, former Water Resources and Food Ministerand the result came on Wednesday evening.

MP Ramesh has been staying in isolation at his home and he is doing well. All the other members of his family are also doing well, said Dr Mahfuzar.

According to the previous report, the total number of corona infected patients in Thakurgaon district stood at 437, out of which 272 were cured and eight died.