Forged deeds registered in Shailkupa sub registrar’s office

Sub-registrar of Shailkupa upazila in Jhenidah have allegedly registered three forged deeds of a man. The misdeed has created panic and conflict among the villagers.

Abdur Rob of Aruakandi village under Umedpur union said that his elder brother Habibor Rhman, son of Nader Hossain Biswas, had been involved in selling land under fake documents for a long time. The assistant land officer of the union Subash Kumar Saha had been helping Habibor in preparing forged and fake document

Regarding forged deeds registration, it is stated that two decimals of land was sold to some Jamirul Islam of Aruakandi village vide deed number 4842 on August 12 in 2018.

Another 14 decimals of land was sold to Mijanur Rahman, son of Lutfar Rahman of same village, on September 30 of the year vide the deed 5888. The last deed was registered to some Rashidul Islam, son of Abdur Rashid of the village vide the deed number 7141 on November 11 of 2018. The plot and khatian numbers stated in the deeds, was fake which was managed from Umedpur union land office. They were not found with the land office records.

Assistant commissioner of land in Shailkupa upazila Iftekhar Yunus when contacted said, “The parcha used in registration of the said three deeds seems to be fake. It was not issued from his office.”

Sub registrar Sanjoy Kumar Acharjya said, “I do not have enough time to examine all the documents submitted for registration purposes, and I am not supposed to examine all the documents.”

Subordinate staffs in his office might be involved in the registration activities, while he claimed himself innocent in this regard.

He further says, “Although a few number of deeds are registered in a faulty way, yet I earn lakhs of Taka every month as revenue for the government.”

When contacted district registrar MA Malek,  he assured of taking necessary action, but no tangible action so far seen.