Fish washing ashore in Cox’s Bazar

Published : 17 Nov 2022 08:32 PM

At some points of Cox's Bazar beach, various species of fish suddenly started floating. People who are eager to see fish and tourists on the beach gather, seeing this scene and start collecting fish. The tourists sold the fish they caught. No specific information has been found as to why these fish are floating from where. A scientific team from Ocean Research visited the site and collected samples. They told the media that they will give the reason after the examination. Concerned persons commented that these extra fish trapped by the fishermen have been thrown away due to lack of storage space in the trawler. Which are washed up during the tide and are lying in the sand.

From Thursday morning to 12 noon, these fish floated in the labani, algae and diabetic points of the beach. Eager crowds gather on the beach to see and pick up the dead fish. Many people who went for a walk in the morning captured this picture on their mobile phones and spread it on social media Facebook.

A few weeks ago hundreds of dead jellyfish were found floating in an area of at least one kilometer from Kalatali to Beli Hatchery Point.

Going to Labani Point, it was seen that the tourists and locals are collecting thousands of fish on the beach. There are various species of fish including poa, faisya and small hilsa. After these fishes were caught in nets, the fishermen threw them into the sea because there was not enough space in the trawlers. Meanwhile, many fishermen have thrown away their nets with trapped fish.

Abul Kasem, a trawler named FB Arif, said that he threw the net between Labani and Shaibal points around 10 o'clock on Thursday. He was thinking that a large number of fish would be trapped due to the heavy weight felt while pulling the net of his trawler.

"Our trawlers are small. Many fish remain in the net even after we take them in the trawlers. They are thrown into the sea. Many others like us have thrown the fish into the sea like this. Today (Thursday) is the biggest catch of the season."

Councilor of Kalatali area of Cox's Bazar municipality, MA Manjur said, unusual dead fish have floated on Cox's Bazar beach. After knowing the news, all the visitors have collected these fish as they wish. The jellyfish that washed up a few days ago are still lying all over the beach. Tourist Police Cox's Bazar Region Sub-Inspector (SI) Shamim Hossain said, when fish are lying on the beach. I also took a bag. Many have caught fish. There are different types of fish including poa, hilsa, knife. It was initially learned that the fishermen could not lift the net due to overfishing and threw it away.

Along with the locals, the tourists visiting the beach are also picking up these floating things. Many of the locals are packing the fish they have caught and selling it on the beach.

Ahmad Hossain, who came to visit from Azimpur in Dhaka, said that he collected these fish floating on the beach while watching others. Many of his visitors have also collected fish.

He said that many tourists are returning home with the fish they have picked up. Mohammad Noor, a resident of Kalatali area of Cox's Bazar city, said that in the morning, he brought a sack after hearing the news of fish floating across the beach. Many locals like him come to collect fish.

"Many people collected the fish collected in the sand and sold them in sacks. Many others are carrying them in sacks."

The local residents think that these fishermen catch extra fish in their nets.

Osman Gani, in charge of the Sea-Safe lifeguard, who is engaged in the safety of the tourists bathing on the beach, said that since the tide started in the morning, fishes can be seen floating on the beach. Then tourists and locals collect these fish. He said, "It is believed that the fishermen have caught extra fish in their nets. Therefore, the fishermen are throwing the extra fish into the sea because they cannot take it."

Beach worker Mahabubur Rahman said that the discarded fish are mainly lying on the beach. Everyone is taking them. A festive atmosphere has been created on the beach.

Executive Magistrate in charge of tourism cell of district administration. Masum Billah said that he visited the scene on the news of fish floating over a long area of the beach since morning. This has created a different kind of festive atmosphere among the tourists and locals in collecting fish. He collected fish as best he could. Initially, due to the lack of space in the trawler, the administration official said that he got the information to throw these extra fish caught in the net into the sea. Masum said, even then, due to poisoning or overcaught, these fish were thrown into the sea; Inquiries are being made in this regard.

Cox's Bazar District Fisheries Officer (DFO). Badruzzaman said, we went to the spot after receiving the news about the arrival of fish in Baliari and inspected it. The incident happened when the trawler overturned. There are various species of small fish including poa, knife, chapila. Looks like another disaster. However, we hope to be able to determine the exact issue soon.

A scientific team from the Institute of Marine Research at Ramu in Cox's Bazar visited the spot after receiving the news of the fish and collected several specimens.

Mohammad Abul Ka­shem, chief scientific officer of marine biology department, said, "We will need a few days to know why these fish have come." We will know after collecting samples and experimenting with them in the lab. Whether there are any bacteria. Is there any poison or harmful thing with these fish? All subjects will be observed in the laboratory.