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Few traders can’t tarnish everyone’s image: CCCI

Published : 16 May 2022 09:09 PM

Chattogram Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a views exchange meeting  with the traders to discuss market stability.

Chamber President Mahbubul Alam said that at present there is instability in the consumer goods market in the country.  Due to the Corona pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, the appreciation of the dollar, etc., the prices of imported consumer goods have risen slightly.  But the volatility in the edible oil market is due to the surplus profits of a small number of traders out of about 5.4 million traders across the country.

He made the remarks at an exchange meeting with traders at the Bangabandhu Conference Hall of the World Trade Center in Agrabad on Monday to keep the market for essential consumer goods stable.

Chattogram Chamber President Mahbubul Alam presided over the function.  Mohammad Fayez Ullah, Deputy Director, Chattogram National Consumer Rights Protection Department; Md. Ahid Siraj Chowdhury (Swapan), Chamber Director; Syed Chagir Ahmed, General Secretary, Khatunganj Trade and Industries Association;  Chattogram District President Saleh Ahmed Suleman, Pahartali Merchant Association, Karnafhuli Bazar Association, Chaktai Merchant Association representatives spoke on the meeting.

The meeting was attended by Chamber Directors Zahirul Islam Chowdhury (Alamgir), Md Iftekhar Faisal, Mohammad Adnanul Islam and Mohammad Nasirul Alam (Fahim), importers, representatives of various market associations, shop owners associations, manufacturing companies.

Chamber President said "I want the cooperation of all in this regard so that the image of the business community is not tarnished due to some businessmen."  

The supply chain emphasizes the need for all banks to maintain the same value of the dollar, to abide by the law, and to keep the prices of essential commodities within the purchasing power of the people. 

Chattogram National Consumer Protection Department Deputy Director Chattogram, Mohammad Fayez Ullah requested to sell the edible oil directly from the mill and the sales order (SO) has to be cleared within 15 days.  The company's sales representatives (SR) can often have collusion with merchants.  So SR cannot avoid liability of the company for these unethical activities.

Awakening the conscience of all, Mohammad Fayez Ullah urged the people to sell their old goods at the old prices, urging them to take responsibility from their position so that the illegal hoarders do not take advantage of them.

Chamber Director Md. Ahid Siraj Chowdhury (Swapan) said that not everyone can be stigmatized for the immoral and irrational activities of a businessman.  He requested the leaders to hold a market-based meeting so that no one could create an artificial crisis by hoarding.

Chamber President instructed all the market and shop owners' association leaders in Chattogram to conduct regular market monitoring and expressed strict attitude towards stockists or artificial crisis makers as per the decision of the government. 

Speakers said, adjusting the difference in tariff price of refined and crude oil for a minimum of 3-4 months, punishing unscrupulous traders, selling to all dealers without selling to 2-3 people, encouraging small traders to import consumer goods, reducing consumer goods tariffs, impending sacrifice.  Stabilizing the market of spices like onion, garlic, ginger etc., arranging for orientation of traders, encouragement of domestically produced products, formulation of agriculture-friendly budget, curbing of dollar appreciation, fixing of stocks, timely direction of government, market monitoring.  

He demanded prior notice, issuance of receipts by the SR of the company, supply of goods to all the shops etc.