Federer challenges Ronaldo, Kohli amid lockdown

As the athletes are staying indoors and training at home, Federer released a video of himself dribbling a tennis ball with his racquet on the wall, report agencies. In a video posted on Twitter, Federer - wearing a Panama hat - volleyed a ball repeatedly against a wall at close range, and asked others to do likewise. 

"Here's a helpful solo drill. Let's see what you got!" the Swiss great wrote. "Reply back with a video and I'll provide some tips. Choose your hat wisely #tennisathome." Federer even tagged Virat Kohli in a tweet. Other sportspersons who have been challenged by Federer include, Toni Kroos, Gianluigi Buffon, Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric, Coco Gauff and other athletes.

Earlier in a video, Federer had asked the citizens to follow the guidelines issued by their local governments amid the deadly outbreak that has claimed tens of thousands of lives world over. "Staying active at home, very important at the moment," Federer said. "Maybe even working on the trick shot once in a while." 

"We adapt to the new situation, and we try our best there. I keep practising in the meantime, I go for some run later, and play some tennis against the wall, like the older days. Stay safe, everybody. Take care," the 38-year-old had added.