Fatulla thana AL council going to be held after 17 years

According to the constitution of Bangladesh Awami League, the leaders will elect by council in every two years. But the Awami League’s Fatulla unit in Narayanganj has been running by the same committee as further committee yet not formed in 17 years.

In 2002, the Fatulla Awami league committee was formed in a council and since then the committee running with amid anxiety of the others dedicated political leaders. Basically this unit Awami League leadership based on president and secretary.

President of Fatulla thana unit Awami league M Saifullah Badal is also made chairman of his union Kashipur while general secretary Shawkat Ali is chairman of his Baktabali union council.

The long time in an autocratic way running the party activities such as made president or secretary of union level without any resolution. Some peoples who are choice full to the unit apex made leader in any post though they came from anti-Awami League.

Among the 71 committee members, some on anonymous condition expressed their grave concern that we were decoration only the committee. Party office was inactive and the both leader president and secretary run their activities sat in own house.

A few leader on anonymous condition said that the seventeen years president Badal was active once anti-Awami League politics even he was a leader of the election in favor of BNP Candidate held on February,15, 1996.

As the same condition, the secretary of the unit Shawkat Ali was elected Baktabali union chairman as BNP man but after election of 1996  Awami league formed government and then joined in Awami League.

The council of Fatulla thana unit Awami League will be held by this month probably.