Extortion on the highways

Authorities need to get a grip

The number of anti-social and illegal activities increase manifold when Eid arrives every year. Apart from the petty crimes of thievery and pick pocketing the highways become full of extortionists who prey on the livestock traders bringing animals from around the country to the city markets.

 A recent report published in this daily say that the police are on high alert all over Bangladesh to prevent any highways extortion. But with thousands of trucks plying the highways everyday on hundreds of roads around the country it is going to be a miracle if the law enforcement agencies are actually able to prevent extortion cases.

It is an open secret

 that extortion of cattle traders by

 the goons on the roads is rampant

On another note, crime involving some corrupt police personnel who are supposed to be the protectors of society has increased in recent times. It is an open secret that extortion of traders by some members of the law enforcement agencies and goons of corrupt politicians is rampant. Moreover, in the city truckers and traders both have to pay a ‘toll’ to get into Karwan bazaar and other important cattle markets. This increases in times of Eid as everyone is out to make some extra cash and in case of criminals and extortionists, the situation is not different.

Several incidents in and around the capital demand that the police intervene in the situation with a stern hand. Officials from CMP have instructed that no trucks carrying cattle are to be stopped and checked on the highway. This only forgoes the conclusion that with unchecked cattle trucks coming from all over the country, who knows how much illegal goods, drugs, weapons, and firearms can be smuggled in and around the country. 

But it is laudable that the police are going to implement better technology to maintain proper surveillance over the sacrificial animal markets. The authorities concerned should take proper steps to prevent any mishaps and extortions from taking place in the country so that people can enjoy observing Eid-ul-Azha.