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Experts suggest spl care for students to avoid mental stress

Published : 31 Oct 2020 09:42 PM

The long-term coronavirus crisis may seriously affect lives of the students who experts warn that they may also suffer psychological breakdown. 

The experts strongly suggest that students, especially younger students, should be given special attention to avoid mental stress.

The experts said that due to the pandemic the students are facing unprecedented challenge, making their lives miserable as their educational institutions remain shut for about consecutive eight months.   

Psychiatrists strongly advise parents to cope up with the situation to overcome this bizarre period of their academic and daily life.

TasnuvaRahmanTithi, a psychoanalystat the Green Life Medical College and Hospital (GLMCH) told Bangladesh Post, “This has become a normal issue for many students encountering anxiety, insomnia, and unnatural behaviour amid the pandemic.”

She explained, “Talking to relatives or next to kin and maintaining a daily routine life can improve their mental sufferings.”

Other psychiatrists recommend that children must constantly be advised on positive thinking instead of being exposed to the negative happenings around them.

DrMahmudurRahman, a mental health expert blamed excessive dependency on technology for mental stress and anxiety. He also said that pressure for education often hampers students'mentality.

He explained that as the days go by, keeping pace with virtual classrooms is not easy for many students and parents. Although students in virtual classes have the opportunity of interacting with friends online but they are not able to meet in real life. Suchconfinement at home for a long time may also give mental stress.

He also suggested that children should be exposed to various informal learning process to keep pace with education.