Experts review remedies as soil health declines in Barind region

Published : 05 Dec 2022 08:23 PM | Updated : 05 Dec 2022 08:26 PM

Experts suggested the use of organic as well as plant and animal waste-based fertilizer in Barind area's soil for boosting its health as it is declining due to various natural and man-made catastrophes.

 Protecting soil health from further degradation has become an urgent need to ensure food security of the gradually rising population in the country. They came up with the observation while addressing a post-rally discussion at the conference hall of the Deputy Commissioner in Rajshahi on Monday.

Rajshahi divisional office of Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI) organized the meeting in observance of World Soil Day 2022. "Soils; Where Food Begins" was the main theme of the day this year.

Deputy Director of Local Government Division Shahana Akhter Jahan and Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture Extension Mozder Hossain addressed the meeting as chief and special guests respectively, while SRDI Senior Scientific Officer Sadia Afrin was in the chair. 

Principal Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute Dr Sayedur Rahman, SRDI Senior Scientific Officer Mijanur Rahman and farmer Sabbir Hossain also spoke.

 During her keynote presentation, Sadia Afrin called for disseminating ideas and modern knowledge on how to promote soil test-based fertilization among the farmers in the region.

 She said substantial and sustainable uses of required organic fertilizers in the farming fields are very important for boosting its health and productivity which is imperative for feeding the country's gradually rising population.

 Plant and animal waste based fertilizer has a vital role towards protecting the soil nutrients which are being declined due to various natural and man-made catastrophes.

 There is no alternative to protect the soil nutrients from further declining trends amidst the adverse impact of climate change.

 Soil scientist Afrin said organic matter supplies plant nutrients, increases water holding capacity of soil and reduces residual negative effects of fertilizers and pesticides.

The chief guest urged the participants to make the best use of the knowledge acquired from the meeting in their professional fields properly so that the grassroots farmers can derive total benefits of the updated soil resource guide.