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experts for mental health counseling

Published : 19 Oct 2020 09:33 PM | Updated : 20 Oct 2020 07:09 AM

The Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown have induced anxiety and uncertainty among many people bringing into focus the importance of immediate mental health counseling service for panic-stricken people to beat any stress, anxiety and anger, psychologists say.

They say all especially quarantined patients need to have mental health counseling to reassure them that corona pandemic does not mean they are being stigmatized.

Talking to The Bangladesh Post counseling psychologist Dr Anisur Rahman said, “Undoubtedly we are passing a strange traumatic situation throughout the world due to coronavirus pandemic, its impact on mental health can’t be denied.”

He continued: “Many patients amid the corona asked me that they lost their economic stability, relationship, and confidence. I gave them one suggestion, which is talking to your nearest one, think positive and continue counseling until improvement.”

In our country suffering from mental illness is not considered as a problem. In addition, mentally ill individuals also suffer from social harassment, he said.

“We have to change our mentality towards, these peoples”, he mentioned.

The National Institute of Mental Health and Hospital (NIMH), director, Dr Mohit Kamal told the Bangladesh Post that, “There is no alternative to counseling. If anybody feels any sort of anxiety or gets angry he or she must consult a psychologist. An extreme level of frustration has grown up among people due to this pandemic.”

Depression is a disorder that is affecting more than before. Brutality, violence, and barbarism against women are occurring across the country, he added.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of patients suffering from depression in Bangladesh is 4.6 percent of the total population which is more than 74 lakh. 

Clinical psychologist Tahmina Zaman at the Green Life Medical College and Hospital told The Bangladesh Post, “Some are becoming violent due to lack of religious education and discipline and ethics. To handle this situation, family bonding needs to be strengthened. The understanding between family members needs to be enhanced. Pandemic accelerated the mental enervation.”

She said the demonic and heartbreaking events we are constantly facing are in fact reflection of mental problems. Regular counseling is vital to change self-defeating behaviors and habits, she added.