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Executing vital security operations challenging for 93pc organisations in Asia: Sophos

Published : 08 Apr 2023 07:43 PM

Sophos, a global leader in innovating and delivering cybersecurity as a service, recently published a new survey report, “The State of Cybersecurity 2023: The Business Impact of Adversaries on Defenders,” which found that 93 percent of organisations across Asia Pacific and Japan find the execution of some essential security operation tasks, such as threat hunting, challenging.

These challenges also include understanding how an attack happened, with 76 percent of respondents stating they have challenges identifying the root cause of an incident. This can make proper remediation difficult, leaving organisations vulnerable to repetitive or multiple attacks, by the same or different adversaries, especially since 71 percent of those surveyed reported challenges with timely remediation.

In addition, 74 percent said they have challenges understanding which signals to investigate, and 71 percent reported challenges prioritising investigations.

50 percent of organisations surveyed said that cyber threats are now too advanced for their organisation to deal with on their own. 63 percent wish the IT team could spend more time on strategic issues and less time on fire fighting, and 55 percent said that the time spent on cyber threats has impacted the IT team’s work on other projects. While 94 percent said they are working with external specialists to scale their operations, the majority still remain involved with managing threats rather than taking a fully outsourced approach

The data from The State of Cyber security 2023: The Business Impact of Adversaries on Defenders comes from an independent study of 3,000 leaders responsible for IT/cyber security across 14 countries conducted in January and February 2023.