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Evans cast in Dwayne's action movie ‘Red One’

Published : 25 Jan 2022 09:25 PM

Both Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans are right now the biggest names in Hollywood. While one has ruled the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his charm, honesty and that Captain America’s a**, the other is all set to lay his wrath on the DCEU as he embodies Black Adam making it the first of its kind movie about the antagonist. Both the actors are right now at top of their careers and thinking that they would join hands at one point is even a thought that sounds exciting. But wait, what if we tell you it’s actually happening?

Well, you are here to have the best news of the day and we aren’t even charging anything to give you that. Chris Evans is all set to join forces with Dwayne Johnson outside the superhero realm and it isn’t DC meets MCU to be very clear. The two will be next seen together in ‘Red One’ and Evans has turned out to be a new entry in the event film that The Rock is already a part of. 

Dwayne Johnson has managed to be the busiest actor even amid the pandemic. Of course, he was shaping ‘Black Adam’ throughout; the actor was seen in Jungle Cruise alongside Emily Blunt. He gave Netflix one of the most successful movie alongside Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

In the past couple of weeks, the buzz makers have been ‘Red One’, which is his secret Christmas movie that reunites him with Hobbs & Shaw screenwriter Chris Morgan and Jumanji director Jake Kasdan. Now as per reports, Chris Evans is joining Dwayne to play a pivotal part in his mystery movie and it is turning out to be more exciting than we thought.

However, it is also confirmed that many more big names will be added to the cast alongside Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson. 

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