Escaped corona patient traced in Satkhira

Published : 14 May 2020 10:03 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 10:48 PM

Police have found a corona-infected patient who fled the capital Dhaka after a four-hour operation. The patient kept changing her location and the police found her with the help of information technology.

Under the direction of Satkhira Police Super Md Mostafizur Rahman Police, led by Assistant Superintendent of Police Yasin Ali of Debhata Circle, they rescued the woman from a field in Mahajanpur of Kulya Union of Asashuni Upazila around 10:30 pm on Wednesday.  

It is learned that on Wednesday (May 13), Satkhira Superintendent of Police suddenly received the news that a woman with corona had come to Satkhira after fleeing from the capital. 

Her home is in Asashuni upazila of Satkhira. But she could not be found. People from different walks of life including police, journalists, public representatives shared status on social media Facebook to find her. It spread in an instant. People become aware and searched for her. At one stage, the police came to know that the woman was staying at the house of Saeed Dhali of Kulya Union in Asashuni.

But when they went to rescue her, she sensed the presence of the police and fled. Saeed Dhali was accused of collaborating in the escape. The police locked down Saeed Dhali's house at that time. After that all the police stations were alerted by the district police. Different teams of police started working in the field.

Eventually, due to the tireless work of the police, she was finally found in the bill of Mahajanpur. The Superintendent of Police Md Mostafizur Rahman thanked all the fearless members of the police for finding her by risking their lives.

According to the police, the woman is from Beula village of Asashuni upazila of Satkhira. Shee fled from the capital Dhaka to Satkhira and changed places six times. She stayed in four houses. Those four houses have been locked down. The woman with corona has been taken to quarantine.