Erosion-hit families in Pabna in dire need of aid

Published : 18 Aug 2022 09:07 PM

Hundreds of families who had lost their houses and land due to the recent river erosion near Pabna, came from different areas and somehow built houses and doors on other people's land and settled in the village called Charnakalia of Haturia-Nakaliyo union in Pabna district.

On Wednesday,, upon investigating the problems and struggles that these homeless stranded people are facing, the correspondent went to the affected area and tried to communicate with the distressed families. When they see the journalists, their eyes sparkled with happiness. At this time, these people kept talking about the horrors and sorrows of losing their houses, plantations, land and land in the Zamuna River. Zainal Molla, Montu Molla, Rehena Khatun, Feroza Khatun, Karim Molla, Moktar Molla, Mosharraf Molla, Alam Molla, who lived from Charnagdah village, Razzak Molla, Karim Molla, Ashraf Molla, Nakir Molla of Charnakalia village along with the border of Bera upazila along with Umarpur village of Chowhali upazila along the river bank, lost their land and settled in this pasture. People from broken families. Having lost everything, people in these families are working as day laborers, fishing, doing agricultural work on other people's land, and many of them leave their families behind and drive rickshaws to different areas including Dhaka. These homeless people who have taken are have no other options but to live in an unhygienic environment.

They said that the drainage system is very fragile and there is a severe shortage of clean water. They are struggling to meet the water needs of so many families from a single tubewell. They rely on the water from this tubewell for various household purposes including drinking water. Many of these families who have lost land in their homes said that so far they have received relief assistance of 30, 20 and 10 kg in three installments from Haturia-Nakalia Union through members. Some family members complained that they have not received any relief assistance so far.

No upazila or union level official or public representative has visited the mentioned new village yet. However, examples of humanity have been shown by the generous-minded farmers of Charnakalia village, Nabi Molla, Yunus Pramanik, Naju Molla, A: Aziz Molla. Seeing the suffering and suffering of people affected by the river, they left their own 20 bigha of arable land to live among these displaced families. Zahid Mollah, a resident of Charnagdah village and UP member of Ward No. 9, has demanded that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the mother of humanity, should provide them with government special land or provide them with adequate housing.

 He said that not all the families who have taken shelter in Charnakalia Newpara village are from Haturia-Nakalia union, but the number of people from Umarpur union of neighboring Chauhali upazila is more. The UP member also said that almost all of the people living in Charnagdah and Charnakalia villages who have lost their houses and land due to river erosion have received rice relief assistance of 30, 20 and 10 kg in three installments from the government along with cash.

Haturia-Nakalia UP Chairman Hamid Sarkar said about the victims of the river erosion, I immediately informed the upazila executive officer, water development board officer and Pabna district administrator after receiving the news of the river erosion in Charnagdah village of my union and took the officials to the surface of the erosion area.

So far, the government has distributed three rounds of food grains and rice relief items including one and a half lakh taka in cash among the affected people. However, I do not know about the Chinnamool family who have taken refuge in the village called Charanakaliya New Para and no one has informed me so far.