Ensuring energy security

Devise measures to explore fresh gas wells

Published : 12 Aug 2022 08:03 PM

The main driving force of a country’s economy is energy and power. So, there is no alternative to go for exploration of fresh gas wells to ensure energy security in the country. Keeping it in mind, the policymakers should come up with fresh steps and innovative ideas immediately.  

The ministry of power, energy and mineral resources, Petrobangla and Bapex must work together to ensure energy security in the country and energy exploration.

Since independence, 68 oil and gas exploration wells have been drilled in the country, while Indian state of Tripura did 160 exploration wells at the same time. 

The government should take all-out 

measures to ensure energy security 

Keeping 2041 in mind, the government has undertaken a 20-year future plan for further natural gas extraction to ensure energy security in the country. The government has undertaken onshore plan to drill 41 (subject to mature prospect) exploration wells, development of 45 wells and work over 29 wells by 2041. At present about 2,600 mmcfd gas is being extracted daily from 20 gas fields out of 28. To ensure balanced development across the country, the gas network has been extended to Rajshahi and construction of the Bogra-Rangpur-Syedpur pipeline is underway.

As the next step after implementation of the Padma Bridge, the government has taken an initiative to set up gas distribution lines and Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) at Payra Port to ensure gas supply to southwestern region of the country. Therefore, wells or fields that were left unused for fear of accidents due to high pressure, now advanced technology should be used to dig those wells and fields. Besides, the places where Bapex does not have the capacity to survey and drill for gas wells, the authorities concerned should engage foreign companies for drilling.

In order to increase the reserves of natural gas, exploration activities should be strengthened in the vast sea area apart from the land areas. All the stakeholder should attach the highest importance on energy related basic research and innovation of useful and applicable technologies to continue the development and progress in the future.

The size of the economy is getting bigger day by day so the importance of fuel is increasing gradually. Only timely and effective decisions can help the government overcome any crisis. Therefore, the government should take all-out measures to ensure energy security.