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English Grammar preparation for Competitive Exams

Published : 26 May 2023 09:04 PM

Question: A handicapped person is one who -

a. Works at handicraft

b. Suffers from some disability

c. Assigns handicaps to contestants

d. Gives training in manual skill

Answer: b

Question: He is named -- his father.

a. to

b. of

c. with

d. after

Answer: d

Question: 'Handy' means-

a. Comfortable

b. Useful

c. Necessary

d. Convenient to handle or use

Answer: d

Question: The practice of keeping one wife or husband is called -

a. Monogamy

b. Polygamy

c. Polyandry

d. Paramour

Answer: a

Question: 'Not bene' means -

a. For example

b. Not sure

c. Next page

d. Mark well

Answer: d

Question: The antonym of 'Imbecility' is -

a. Foolishness

b. Inactivity

c. Impartiality

d. Wisdom

Answer: d

Question: She tried to be serious but she couldn't help ----- ?

a. laughing

b. to laugh

c. laugh

d. that to laugh

Answer: a

Question: What is the antonym of 'Cease' ?

a. Start

b. Attractive

c. Withdraw

d. Sure

Answer: a

Question: Find out the synonym of ' Remote' .

a. Immediate

b. Close

c. Intimate

d. Distant

Answer: d

Question: Select the answer of the word 'Stagflagation'

a. Controlled prices

b. Economic slow down

c. Cultural dullness

d. A disintegrating government

Answer: b