Engage youths with decision-making

Training to build able leadership is imperative

In the recent virtual inauguration of the Dhaka-OIC Youth Capital 2020 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has put forth the directives for creating new leaders for a better future by engaging youths with the decision-making process.

With situation currently still not out of the woods, the epidemic is causing massive problems for both life and government. Taking such circumstances into account the prime minister has called for such a step.

With suitable training and efficiency in decision making, the country can look forward to the youths to take the helm of the nation in countering the current epidemic and other future problems.

A report published in this daily showed that the youths have great opportunity to be part of decision-making by engaging themselves with ideas and innovations to build a future which they think would be resilient and sustainable. 

With suitable training and efficiency in decision 

making, the country can look forward to the 

youths to take the helm of the nation in future

It is mentionable that harnessing the power and vitality of youth will be a great means of properly utilizing a percentage of the country’s population for the betterment of the country. 

In order to achieve this, the youths first have to look at better examples in the world to learn and initiate the thought-process through which they can unlearn any mediocrity that might have been imbued in them and adopt the better policies to freshen up the country’s system.

The prime minister has expressed three means through which a paradigm shift can take place in the country. We appreciate these means which she has projected. This will definitely ensure greater development of the country. 

Above all, we hope that the ‘Dhaka – OIC Youth Capital 2020’ will be a success and hoist the honor of Bangladesh in the international arena to a much higher position than before.