‘Election violence won’t be allowed’

Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) Commissioner Saleh Mohammad Tanvir said the police have expanded their work ahead of the elections. The number of police patrols and checkposts has been increased.

Efforts are being made to prevent actions that could make the election violent.  No one will be allowed to commit electoral violence or worsen the law and order situation, he told reporters at the CMP's conference hall on Sunday.

He said those who have been declared criminals and accused in various cases have been kept under surveillance.  We are taking action considering the issues of past conflicts.

Regarding risky polling stations, the CMP commissioner said the risky issue depends on the political context.  An ordinary polling station can also become important because of an incident.  The more we can determine the risk list at the end, the more perfect our plan will be.

Regarding the possession of legal weapons, the CMP commissioner said that the police have information about 2,477 legal weapons in Chittagong.  The EC will give instructions on when to surrender the weapons.  We do not expect the use of weapons at any stage.  We will try not to use any kind of weapon or conflict to spread.  The weapon used in the Mughaltuli massacre has not yet been recovered.

He said the issue of deploying 9,000 police from the CMP has been finalized.  Usually with an electoral direction from the Election Commission.  If the whole matter is known, the number of police will be known more 

specifically. However, we will have ward-based and police-based forces.  Besides, reserve force will be kept.  DB, Counter Terrorism and SWAT teams will also be on patrol.

A coordination meeting of the law enforcement agencies was held on the occasion of Chittagong episode of Bangladesh-West Indies bilateral series.

He told reporters that the West Indies team will arrive in Chittagong on January 23. We are working on two challenges.  Select one Covid and the other.  All in all, we have arranged our security system.  We hope to be able to complete this event successfully.

He added that spectators will not be on the field because of Corona.  Those who will be in the team will be tested for quarantine and corona seven days in advance.  In addition to venue-based security, there will be security for bringing teams.  Members of the police, RAB and other agencies will also work.

CMP Additional Commissioner (Finance) Amena Begum and Additional Commissioner (Crime) SM Mostaq Ahmed & senior official were  present.