Eid-ul-Adha on the horizon

Holiday makers leave capital

With Eid holidays fast approaching, Dhaka residents are leaving for their home districts by the thousands. According to private estimates, about 25 per cent of the city’s population has already left the capital. Most have left to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha at their ancestral homes with relatives and to perform ritual sacrifice.

Although the official Eid vacation starts today, many people have already left the city in advance to avoid crowded and risky journeys later. This year, another big reason behind holiday makers leaving the capital in droves is the fear of dengue infection which has claimed many lives so far. Many fear for their safety, as the authorities in urban areas are struggling to control the epidemic. 

Buying and selling of cattle has also picked up, with cattle markets coming up in virtually every corner of the city. Trading of these cattle will go on in full swing at these makeshift markets till the day before the Eid festival.

A big concern like every year ahead of Eid-ul-Adha is the lack of waste management after the sacrificing of cattle. The whole town is drowned in blood and animal guts afterwards, with the roads littered with unwanted animal waste. However, this year city corporation authorities have vowed to remove the animal waste within 24 hours. 

Usually, the animal wastes are left in open spaces and on roadsides and they turn foul within a day’s time, making the whole city smell for days afterwards. Both Dhaka North and Dhaka South City Corporations have stepped up in this regard. At least 14,000 cleaners would be on standby to clean the city’s garbage, especially sacrificial animal waste during and after the Eid festival. We appreciate the city corporation authorities’ initiative to clean up the wastes created during the festival. We hope the cleaning drives are conducted diligently to keep the capital clean.