Education is not a commodity

University authorities must execute President’s order

Published : 01 Feb 2023 08:44 PM

While addressing the first convocation of ‘Canadian University of Bangladesh’ in the capital Dhaka President M Abdul Hamid ordered the university authorities to change the mindset of commercialising education.

Academics, members of the civil society, intellectuals, students and guardians do not want the country’s universities to be run as commercial one in the name of education. Whenever the President attended the convocation of any university, he came down heavily on the evening courses in public universities, saying that a section of teachers turned universities into business institutions disrupting their overall academic environment. Besides, he also asked the university authorities to stop such unethical practice for the holistic development of education sector.

The university authorities must carry

 out the President’s order and 

would have to take pragmatic 

and timely steps to this end

The country is moving forward on the path of development and progress and has graduated to a developing country from a least developed one. So, there is no alternative to work unitedly to educate and develop the young generation of the country with modern education. But if the authorities of the university continue considering education as a commodity and run the higher educational institutions for only earning money, it will not be possible to develop our young generation as good citizens by nurturing the history and heritage of the country and enriching themselves with knowledge and the practice of science.

A university cannot be run as per anyone’s will. Teachers are the great builders of a nation so they must have a strong moral character and be impartial, fearless and truthful. So, the university authorities must carry out the President’s order and would have to take pragmatic and timely steps to this end. Only then, our students will become worthy citizens of the country and do something for their family members, society and the country.