Educating extremists!

There can be no room for ideologies which spread hatred and violence

It is disheartening to note that anti-liberation extremist groups like Hizbut- Tahrir and Islami Chhatra Shibir (ICS), the student wing of Jaamat-e Islami Bangladesh, are carrying out their activities in guise of general students on DU campus. Members of those extremist organisations are infiltrating other student organisations as well as taking part in different movements created in the name of general students.

According to reports published in this daily Chhatra Shibir cadres are trying to build up a strong base on Dhaka University campus, becoming members of different active student organisations, only to spread and enforce their own subversive ideals. In this regard, DU authorities should take immediate steps to identify the extremist groups and bring them under string surveillance.

It is disheartening that despite being one of the most secular and liberal country in the world, still Bangladesh has not been able to wipe out militancy from its soil. There is no denying that militants in the country have been thrashed by countrywide anti-militant drives by the law enforcement agencies over the last couple of years. 

A group with vested interests have 

always been trying to hinder the country’s 

progress and prosperity by carrying out militant activities

A group with vested interests have always been trying to hinder the country’s progress and prosperity by carrying out militant activities but the incumbent government’s ‘zero tolerance policy against terrorism’ have successfully annihilated militancy to some extent with an iron-hand. Following the government’s zero tolerance policy against terrorism and drugs, the anti-crime elite force is fully involved in campaign against terrorism and so far their efforts deserve plaudits.

It needs no emphasizing that as long as anti-liberation forces are not rooted out, all the departments concerned should cooperate to integrate necessary safety measures to avert any unwanted incidents and chaos. Killing in the name of Islam is an age-old phenomenon although Islam never supports terrorism and militancy. Hence, cross-sections of people including professional leaders and religious personalities should forge social resistance against terrorism and militancy. We all need to be vocal against terrorism and militancy to make the pertaining development sphere sustainable. We must work to free our society from the grip of drugs and militancy. In a country that was founded on the values of secularism and tolerance, there can be no room for ideologies which spread hatred and violence.  At the same time, we must not forget that it is not enough to merely capture the militants which exist, but ensure that individuals are not radicalized in the future.