Economy healing

Target must be achieved to get back on track

Like every other country in the world Bangladesh is also going through a phase where the economy is slowly recovering after everything around the world was brought to a standstill following the Covid-19 outbreak. 

The pandemic has sparked a new way of dealing with the disaster that has befallen on the economy in several developed countries and Bangladesh too has its own plan to deal with this critical situation. 

Although it is believed that the economic rebound cannot be achieved before the next fiscal, the country’s economy has already reached a state of healing.

Based on opinions by several analysts it is being perceived that all critical sectors connected with the economy are to be revived by October. We believe that if this is achieved, then it would be a great feat for the people of the country. 

The foreign remittance inflow and reserves  have also 

bolstered the country’s economy and continued 

safeguarding it against any economic disaster

A report published in this daily showed that a boost of financial and business activities during Eid-ul-Azha provided huge cash flow in the market. 

On the other hand, the foreign remittance inflow and reserves have also bolstered the country’s economy and continued safeguarding it against any economic disaster. 

Also, the country’s export earnings growth rate has shown a positive trend. We appreciate this kind of active participation of the country’s people who are still residing abroad and also those who are directly involved in export and import businesses.

Above all, it is the small business owners across the country who have taken initiatives to resume their operations once again and started hiring the people who were previously unemployed. 

This is a positive sign that shows that the people of the country are once again going out and starting to spin the wheel of economy from their own respective spheres. It is only a matter of time before it gains full speed once again.