Each newborn’s family getting 10 saplings

Published : 10 Jul 2023 09:47 PM

The Jamalpur Urban Development Committee is giving 10 tree saplings as a gift to the family of every child born in Jamalpur Municipality. 

This innovative initiative has been started in Jamalpur Municipality, Lakshmirchar and Sharifpur Union.  So far saplings have been distributed among hundreds of families.

Under the initiative of Deurpar Chandra Nagar Development Committee of Ward No. 12 of Jamalpur Municipality, 10 wood and fruit saplings on Sunday were gifted to each new-born family.  Jahangir Salim, Human Resource Development Director of the Development Association, inaugurated the distribution work.  Urban Development Committee President Abul Hasem Khan presided over the short discussion meeting.  World Vision Jamalpur AP Area Manager Sagar De Costa, Development Association AP Manager Minara Parveen, CDO Sabbir Hossain, Journalist Masudur Rahman Chowdhury, Urban Development Committee General Secretary Moniruzzaman and others participated in the discussion.

Minara Parveen, AP manager of the development association, said, such work of the city development committee has spread hope among us.  Community or local people, especially under the leadership of the committee, will continue to invest for the present and future generations, which will really bring about positive change.  Such small initiatives will play a huge role in the establishment of Smart Bangladesh by the current governmentPresident of the committee Abul Hasem Khan said that we are inspired by the work of AP and we have taken the initiative to do small works with our own funding for the development of the area.  I have decided to do various things including investment for children, distribution of aids for the disabled.

General secretary of the committee Moniruzzaman said that we have also taken initiatives to create employment for unemployed women and men along with other work.

Sagar de Costa, AP Manager of World Vision, said that the Jamalpur area program has been implementing multi-dimensional activities with innovative ideas since its inception.  The novelty can be noticed when visiting the area.  Such exemplary work will increase in future.

Jahangir Salim Deurpar, Director of Human Resource Development of the Development Association expressed his surprise at the tree sapling distribution ceremony of the Chandra City Development Committee and said that so far we have seen various committees being formed in the area to get something from above.  Although it is a relatively poor area, this committee of Deurpar area is planning an exception for the future development of children by spending their own pocket money.  It is an exemplary work.  He expressed satisfaction with the activities of Urban Development Committee and Jamalpur Area Program (AP).

It is known that the implementation of the area program has started in Jamalpur Sadar Upazila's Lakshmirchar, Sharifpur Union and Ward No. 1, 10, 11 and 12 of Jamalpur Municipality.  Under this program 23 thousand 282 beneficiaries have been selected in 39 villages.  To successfully complete all activities of the program, a village development committee has been formed with people from different classes and professions in the area.  Activities include livelihood, health, nutrition, WASH and sponsorship.  Among them, conducting various activities including food survey, skill development, establishment of eco-friendly villages, zinc rice production, development of extreme poverty, disaster management, team building, capacity building, pre-natal and post-natal services, raising awareness about child rights, creating a list of endangered children.  being  Hong Kong is funding the implementation of the program.