Drive against illegal CNG-run vehicles in Cox’s Bazar

Cox's Bazar's newly-appointed Superintendent of Police Md Hasanuzzaman BPM has started work on the road to relieve traffic congestion in the tourist city of Cox's Bazar after the release of Corona. Due to lack of necessary documents, 10 CNGs were seized on the first day.

From 10 am on Thursday, a special operation was launched in the central bus terminal area of Cox's Bazar city with the help of traffic department officials to reduce traffic congestion. He checked the documents and licenses at the CNGs in the terminal area. At that time, he told the CNG drivers to cooperate with the police to keep the road safe.

Newly appointed Superintendent of Police Hasanuzzaman BPM said, "We have taken responsibility to help the people of Cox's Bazar." To keep people safe. And for that purpose, the driver brothers should cooperate in our work.

He said the operation would continue to keep the road safe. On the first day, the documents and licenses of the CNG drivers were checked. Cox's Bazar district police spokesman Additional Superintendent of Police Mohammad Rafiqul Islam said 10 CNGs with no documents were seized.

The Superintendent of Police said that the cooperation of local people is definitely needed to add vehicles to Cox's Bazar. So he sought the cooperation of the people of Cox's Bazar.

The operation to clear Cox's Bazar will continue, a district police spokesman said.