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DPS STS observes World Mental Health Day 2021

Published : 13 Oct 2021 09:56 PM | Updated : 14 Oct 2021 01:24 PM

DPS STS (Delhi Public) School, Dhaka conducted a discussion session on the importance of mental health and well-being recently to observe World Mental Health Day and provide assistance to the students. Students also arranged a poster making activity to raise awareness on mental health.

People around the world lack access to good-quality mental health services; hence, it is imperative to devise noteworthy efforts towards building mental health systems that are appropriate for today and tomorrow’s world. Therefore, DPS STS took a brilliant initiative and conducted a discussion session where students from Grades 7-12 participated in a meaningful conversation with the School’s Pastoral Counsellor, Ms. Pauroma Preety Mallick. 

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In addition to that, DPS STS has taken several other initiatives to commemorate the day. Students made posters by themselves regarding the issue, which were then posted on the school’s hallways. The next time someone walks through the halls and visualises these posters, they will know that everyone is in the battle together and has found some sort of solace.  

It is mentionable that World Mental Health Day is an opportunity for people across the world to come together and begin addressing the stigma and neglect associated with mental health illnesses. The day is marked by global mental health education and awareness that deals with acknowledging the vital role good mental health plays in our lives.

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