Doctors of Bagmara treating patients on their doorsteps

Physicians of Bagmara Upazila Health Complex have taken up an exceptional initiative to treat patients of villages by visiting their houses in Rajshahi Upazila. Such initiative of the physicians has been lauded greatly by the people of Rajshahi Upazila.

Due to Coronavirus crisis panicky physicians have suspended their private practices and the owners of clinics have shut down their business, physicians of Bagmara Health Complex are visiting door to door to provide treatment to the patients.

As a result, patients who are suffering from various ailments including fever, cold and cough, are not needed to visit the hospital to consult a doctor there rather they are getting treated for their diseases at their houses and are very happy to get the doctors at their door steps. For more than a month, physicians been providing such treatment by reaching their patients at their houses. 

Such a mobile treatment facility of Upazila Health complex was initiated by Constituency Engineer Enamul Haque.  During this time of Corona crisis, hot line mobile phone numbers have been introduced at the upazila and patients suffering from minor diseases are getting consultation from the doctor of the Health Complex while the doctors are rushing to the houses of those patients suffering from major ailments. 

Some physicians of Upazila Health Complex informed Engineer Enamul Haque handed over PPEs to them and requested them to treat the patients properly. During last one month, physicians of the Health Complex have so far give treatment to nearly 100 patients at their houses. 

Dr. Abdul Motaleb, Medical Officer of Bagmara Health Complex informed, they were visiting house to house of the patients and giving them treatment. It is from their self-responsibility they were giving such treatment. 

Dr. Amirul Islam, Resident Medical Officer of Bagmara Health Complex informed, they were procuring information about the patients from the Health Workers or the patients themselves through the mobile phones and visiting their houses to treat them. Moreover, samples of blood and nasal swabs are also being collected from the suspected Corona patients for testing. 

He added by getting the doctors of government hospital at the houses the patients and their relatives were very happy. They are feeling blessed as they are getting cured from the treatment given by the doctors. 

Golam Rabbani, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer of Bagmara informed, doctorswere treating patients suffering from various minor diseases by visiting houses of the patients. But, in case of complex and fatal diseases, they are being referred to the Health Complex or to RMCH. He added, such door to door treatment is being rendered during this Coronavirus crisis period by considering the security of the people, patients and the physicians. 

Engineer Enamul Haque MP regarding this said, people often do not get any treatment at the hospital due to frequent absence of doctors there. The present government was very active to face Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister has issued a stern directive so that no patient is derived from getting treatment. That is why patients throughout the upazila were getting the doctors at their door steps and are being treated properly.